The Moroccan carpets are so famous in the worldwide; because they are special and unique. This later is so important in each house since it gives a special beauty to rooms and courtyard, the Moroccan carpets add to the house, and the rooms as a whole, a wonderful shape and suggest elegance and taste.

Carpets surround the house with warmth and intimacy. It highlights the elegance of the furnishers Above all, however, it has cultural horizons. Carpet has more decorative significance than “warm” carpets.

Moroccan Carpets or Rugs for Winter:

Moroccan Rugs for cold weather are so special and different, they are heavy to prevent feet from the coldness of the floor. Moreover, they are made of dark colors and mainly are made by Amazigh people and atlas due to the fact that the weather over there is so cold not like other regions.

Moroccan Rugs for Other Season :

in warm and hot seasons most of the buyers choose, the very soft and light carpets because they are not heavy as well as they bring to the place a very unique style and luxury.  this kind of carpets  mainly represented in light colors that inlight the rooms, courtyard etc 

Hence, all kind of Moroccan carpets are unique, traditional, and attract the human eyes;  they really preferable by people from all over the world because the women who spun them; use natural colors and raw materials. In addition, they are professional in making them.

Carpets are changeable, every time there is a new, style, kind, size, length. so every time there is something new to be sold in the market with the wishes of the one who wants to buy them.

Carpets are essential in every space in the house to give it a very fabulous and stunning look.