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Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs is famous for many fabulous and glamorous heritages from Paleolithic Era; these heritages inherited from one generation to the other ; that gives Morocco more value, and strong stand among its mate countries on planet Earth.

However, Moroccan rugs are commonly famous in the most region of Morocco;  which has promoted to a high level of attraction to the world architecture taste.

Hence, Moroccan rugs are one of the most prestigious handicraft works mostly made from a classic wool, they are traditionally hand spun carpets and textile;  woven by Moroccan women from different tribes in Morocco who didn’t practice any artistic training nor use any form of mechanical process.

rugs are commonly famous among the Amazigh people including the Berber tribes, Rif’s mountain tribes and also the Arab tribes of Fes people who are the most popular Moroccan region producing the fabulous fabrics designed rugs. this kind of traditional products is the favorite among people from the west

Moroccan rugs :

normally classified into two basic types;  which are for two basic reasons;  made in thick form with a heavy pile; these types of Moroccan rugs basically made for the high snowy region like the Atlas Mountain and Fes.

in order to spread them all over their flows of the living room and bedroom preventing them from the cold.

Where the other type of the rugs ;  made in a flat woven form suitable for the low coldly and hot climate region of the Sahara part of Morocco.


However, Moroccan rugs are woven in a potential dimension way with most attractive designs that make all eyes seeing it come for it.

this product requires using several kinds of colorful wood to design the rugs in the center; making a different kind of shapes that gives is more attractive features.



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