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Moroccan outdoor Rugs :

Magically, you will feel inspired with Moroccan elegance women in the making of hand-made woven rugs ;  this knowledge has been for centuries and known for generations. Moroccan outdoor rugs are the best ever in the history world of tradition and cultural hand-made work architecture.

However, Moroccan outdoor rugs are mainly made from the sheep wool collected after slaughtering, and then go through some natural process of drying and cleaning up. Then they magically turn to exquisite and suitable rugs for home decoration.

The Moroccan outdoor rugs famously wove by the Berber women and mostly the traditional addict women of Fes;  which is presently the basic city of all traditional and cultural practices. Hence, the Berber women take the sheep wool to the room or hand-made factory after going through the natural drying, and collective process and some take them to the local mountains or into the cave pleasant handwork woven and feel comfortable when woven the rugs.


Moroccan outdoor rugs spun in different kind of way, which are very suitable for both summer and winter season. Some woven in a kind of thick way for winter period and prevent cold entering the body, and also in a flat soft form not to thick suitable for the summer season. In addition to that, they  designed in different color, by dying them in several colors, making different shapes on the rugs tips and center with colorful wool. Most interesting part is that customized Moroccan outdoor rugs look very pretty for the living room.

Moroccan woven rugs are suitable for the living room floor with long or short length or breath. Even on the office floor, Moroccan outdoor rugs are the best carpet textile and fabrics to fashion it. Also, you can place them on the wall for artistic decoration, and it will look more traditional.

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