Vintage red Ourika rug

This vintage red Ourika rug is made on kind of dimension that matches the artistic background and decorated room. However, it’s designed with a black kite symbolic pattern in three layers. Therefore, this makes it more attractive to an art and architecture lover. Certainly, you won’t stop loving it every time you walk through it in your living room. It’s made with unique wool and its everlasting hand-made woven rug.

Ourika Moroccan rugs are made by the high Atlas Mountain Berber women. This elegance rugs are named after Ourika. A Berber region located at the Atlas Mountain know for ancient hand works. However, Ourika Moroccan rugs are made with 100% quality wool, which is suitable for all weather and any home style. Besides that they are woven in several pattern and design symbols. Many have testify on this rugs quality and its everlasting and comfortable factors. So it will be good to get one or more to match your room and office.