Wine-vintage Moroccan boujad rug

This wine-vintage Moroccan rug from Boujad is one of the best Berber rugs for decades. Its good interior decoration of your rooms. Hence, it’s woven with high classic wool for sheep, and woven by the Berber elegance women. This fact makes it more fascinating and beautiful for all buildings no matter their style or color background.

Boujad Moroccan rugs are luxurious complex of textile made from high and soft quality wool. These rugs are the Boujad Berber tribe hand-made work and they are worldwide demanding rugs. Hence, they are design in a kind of splendid pattern with multicolour decoration that matches with every room of your house and office. The exquisite patterns and colourful geometrical symbols makes the rugs more eye catching. They are also suitable for all weather and everlasting.