This cream Bni Ouarain will surly go with every room background, because it a natural colour. However, the brown dots are set in a kind of way to matches all interior designs. This dots actually have meaning in the Berber tribes, so they normally use it on their hand-made woven rugs. Besides that, you can use this rug for room decoration, you just have to hand it on your walls and you will me amaze how your room will look like a haven palace.

Bni Ouarain One of the everlasting and comfortable woven rugs you can come across is Berber Moroccan rugs. Because they are mainly made from 100% sheep wool and can last long even to the next generation. So you don’t need to stress yourself any long. Hence these fascinating rugs are suitable with their design patterns and colours for any room regardless of the house style. But more perfect for traditional homes and those who are in love with the world nature.