Azilal White Milk Black Wool Moroccan Rug

Azilal white-black milk wool Moroccan rug is one of the best kind.

Beautifully, Azilal white-black milk wool rugs surly match with any interior decoration of the rooms and offices. Therefore, they can be used for room decoration, by hanging them on the walls of both living room and bedroom. Also, they can be spread on home floors.

Besides that, these glamorous Berber rugs can be made is thick form as well as thin or soft for. And the forms are suitable for any climate weather, and you feel comfortable and pleasantly seating or lying of them.

General speaking, Azilal Moroccan rugs are one ranking architecture hand-made work ever in the history of Berber tribe. However, they are hand-made woven rugs made by elegance Berber women from sheep wool. Hence these awesome woven rugs are normally dyed into different colors and designed in several patterns.