Azilal Red bordred White Moroccan Rug

The great talent of the Berber women in making woven rugs has excited for centuries. However, Azilal Berber tribe is one of the famous Berber in hand-made woven rugs. Where kinds of rugs are made from sheep wool with different patterns and designs that suit interior decoration for homes and offices.

Hence, Azilal Moroccan rugs can be dyed into several colors. Red bordered white is one of the fascinating artistic dimension of making hand-made woven rugs. Besides that, they give a bright view of the room and matched the backgrounds.

Azilal red bordered white Moroccan rugs are also made in short and long length. These sizes are very suitable for living room and bedroom and even any kind of weather.

General speaking, Azilal Moroccan rugs are one ranking architecture hand-made work ever in the history of Berber tribe. However, they are hand-made woven rugs made by elegance Berber women from sheep wool. Hence these awesome woven rugs are normally dyed into different colors and designed in several patterns.