Azilal Berber Red Fire Moroccan Rug

This is one of a kind of vintage hand-made woven rug, made in Azilal-Morocco. A Berber tripe where best rugs and with classic features are woven.

The Azilal Berber Moroccan rugs are designed in different kind of colors and patterns. However, the red fire pattern is one of the best texture patterns of Azilal Berber Moroccan rug. This color gives a very bright and pretty look for any decor and both modern and traditional interior room.

These gorgeous hand-made Azilal rugs are suitable for both living room and bedroom. Also, they give a very unique interionic view when hanged in the office.

In addition, the Azilal Berber red fire rug is woven in thick and flat form, to suit both winter and summer season.

General speaking, Azilal Moroccan rugs are one ranking architecture hand-made work ever in the history of Berber tribe. However, they are hand-made woven rugs made by elegance Berber women from sheep wool. Hence these awesome woven rugs are normally dyed into different colors and designed in several patterns.