Ait Bouichaouine Red Violet Moroccan Rug

Truly speaking, when we talk of the best quality in woven rugs, then we should be talking of the Bouichaouine Moroccan rugs. These vibrant Berber rugs are mainly made from collected old clothes and magically woven into multi-colored rugs that give out the bright and colorful environment. Red violet color is one of the brightest color ever and best for an artistic room.

However, Ait Bouichaouine red violet Moroccan rug can be used in decorating the children room and the bedroom, because the red violent is one of the best colors for the children and it looks fascinating in their room.

In additional, Bouichaouine hand-made woven rug is made in both thick and soft form, to make it more suitable for cold and hot climates.

The Ait Bouichaouine moroccan rugs have a exquisite factors that attract everyone. However they are mainly made by the Moroccan elegance women, from a 100% quality sheep wool. They design Ait Bouichaouine rugs with different colours and ancient symbolic pattern, which gives it more value and high standard among the Moroccan rugs.