Ait Bouichaouine Red Flesch Moroccan Rug

Especially, Ait Bouichaouine Red flesh Moroccan rug is the one the best hand-made woven rugs. However, they are mainly suitable for living room and bedrooms, although, they can be used for office and other parts of the house decoration.

Hence these exquisite red woven rugs are mainly made from old clothes and wools and magically turned to fabulous rugs with high quality. This artistic work has been known in Berber tribes for centuries, these tribes are known with Ait Bouichaouine.

Importantly, the red flesh Bouichaouine rugs are very nice for all weather of the climate. However, they are made in the different form, that is, thick form and flat and soft form. And this makes the rugs suitable for any weather.

The Ait Bouichaouine moroccan rugs have a exquisite factors that attract everyone. However they are mainly made by the Moroccan elegance women, from a 100% quality sheep wool. They design Ait Bouichaouine rugs with different colours and ancient symbolic pattern, which gives it more value and high standard among the Moroccan rugs.