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Moroccan Berber Rugs

Historically, the Berber tribe part of Morocco is famous for different kind of prestigious talents, since the Ancient era;  which promote the Amazigh traditional and Rif’s culture. However, hand woven-made rugs are one of the Berber specialization hand-made architecture.
These Moroccan Berber rugs are mostly by the Berber women, whom usually stays in the Rif’s regional part of the Atlas Mountain in Marrakech. However, they are some other tribal part of the Amazigh whom perfectly make Moroccan Berber rugs, tribes like Beni Ourain tribes, which are also famous with Berber rugs.
Naturally, Moroccan Berber rugs commonly made from the Berber sheep’s wool, which has high-quality organic substances that make the rugs to last long even after washing and drying. Hence ,Berber rugs are made for two basic reasons, which leads to the two different types of the Berber rugs, i.e.

these rugs commonly made is thick form and flat form, which are both suitable for the Atlas Mountain region weather, the thick Berber rugs often used and suitable for the snowy climate, while the flat woven rugs are for the summer period.


 the Berber women have been transferring the knowledge of Moroccan Berber rugs from generation to generation including;  the secret in the decorations and also dyed into designs, this apparently is a historical invention from centuries.
In addition, the Moroccan Berber rugs designed in several decorating patterns, which has each meaning in the Berber tribe.

However, the Moroccan Berber rugs are woven in different kinds of colors;  hereby you can explore Reddish color designed; with artistic decoration in the middle or light Brown color with black dots used in designing the edges and centers. This colors and designed patterns inextricably referred to the Berber villages and tribes from decades.

Nowadays, the Moroccan Berber rugs are among the most demanded rugs and carpets worldwide. However, since the 20th centuries when the European discovered these luxurious Berber rugs, and attractive up to their architected taste. They decided to purchase it and collect some and export them for selling and promoting the Moroccan artistic heritage.
Moroccan Berber rugs are suitable for decorating your houses and offices; where you can spread them on your living room floor, also in your bedroom and dining part of your home. Berber hand-woven hugs are very deluxe and superior and in fabric quality.

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