Certainly, Moroccan rugs factory is the best when it comes to 100% quality hand- made Moroccan woven rugs. Hence, we present to you’re the ancient knowledge of the great Berber tribes and some Arabic talent in making rugs. However, the Moroccan elegance woman wove these rugs, and pass this talent from generation to the next. In addition, this talent has actually promoted the architectural and artistic level of Morocco to the highest post in the world. With this fact, western families purchase these fascinating rugs for decades, and we are one of the best sellers of Moroccan hand-made woven rugs


Magically, these Moroccan woven rugs are made from the sheep wool collected, and the Moroccan women magically transform them into glamorous rugs that match any home style. Some of these rugs are made from old used clothes and joined together with multi-colored designs that make these rugs look more attractive and bright. However, our rugs are high in quality because they are made from different kinds of the colorful wools, making several designs and symbolic patterns and geometric signs. This make our rugs more quality and perfect for all your choice